Wall coatings and rendering

Wall coatings and rendering make your home both more attractive, prevents damp and saves you money by offering an additional layer of insulation.

We use the best materials from the leading suppliers including Andura Wall Coatings. There are a huge range of coatings for different typs of properties so call us for expert advice on the best solution for your property.

A few examples include:

Andura Classic 21

Classic 21 is a high performance coating system for masonry that eliminates the need for frequent repainting and maintenance of exterior walls.

The Classic 21 Wallcoating System provides a high build, oil based, polyester resin coating; specifically formulated to provide excellent water resistance, outstanding durability, low maintenance and long life.

There a range of other wall coating including Pro- Flex, Pro Clear, Aquatex and Classic Smooth.

The coatings come in a range of colours. See them at www.andura.com.

Andura Wall Coatings