Wall Coatings

We offer a superb wall coating service for all types of property, we use K Rend products, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wall coatings.

Established in 1939 K Rend are the only UK manufacturer of silicone through coloured render. Their products are of the highest quality and most consistent standards, with a wide range of them carrying a 30 year guarantee by the BBA and NSAI.

The K Rend silicone range contains a powdered silicone water repellent in the formulation, which disperses rapidly during the mixing stage and does not alter the appearance of the surface of your property.

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Benefits of K Rend’s Silicone Technology

  • Water Repellent
  • BBA and NSAI Accredited
  • Low Maintenance
  • Freshly Rendered Appearance Lasts Longer
  • Allows Property Structure to Breathe
  • Natural Looking Finish
  • Extensive Colour Range
K Rend
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Range of colours

K Rend offer an online simulator to showcase the different finishes and colours – click on the image below and you can see the different options.

K Rend Colour options


Why is Coloured render better than sand, cement & paint?

You don’t have to paint coloured render, which means lower costs and less hassle to maintain your property in the future. As you don’t have to repaint, you avoid layers of paint, bubbling or cracking which allows your property keep its fresh and clean finish in years to come.

My house has been painted or pebble dashed, can I use K Rend?

The current layer will have to be stripped back until there is a stable substrate and then rendered out from there. This is quite common and we can do this for you.

Can I paint on top of render?

You shouldn’t need to paint render, just wash it down. If you paint it, you will lose the water repellency and breathability the product provides and also then enter the repainting and maintenance cycle. If you decide you want to change the colour, you can use the K Rend colour enhance product which helps maintain the properties of the render.

What is the smoothest finish that K Rend do?

Call us for advice and a no obligation quote – within the Scraped Textured range, the K1 Spray or Silicone K1 products provide the smoothest finish. Within the Thin Coat range, the TC 05 is the finest finish as it contains a 0.5mm grain.

Can I have a different texture of finish?

There are 4 textures of finish:

  • TC 30 – a 3mm grain
  • TC 15 – a 1.5mm grain
  • TC 10 – a 1mm grain
  • TC 05 – a 0.5mm grain

There are also products that have dash or roughcast finishes if you prefer more texture. Call us for more information.

More examples

K Rend example

K Rend

Please note that all images are examples from the K Rend website, not work that we have carried out. Call us for examples of our work.