JNF Roofing Ltd. is an experienced roofing company, we operate nationwide.

Unless otherwise stated by us in writing the following Terms and Conditions shall apply to all orders placed with us.

1. BASIC CONDITIONS JNF Roofing (the Contractor) shall provide all labour, materials and equipment necessary for the Contract: however, when mains electricity or water supply is required, it is assumed that reasonable use of site services, including toilet facilities, will be allowed at no cost to the Contractor.

2. COMPLAINTS In the event of a customer having cause to complain about any aspect of the Contractor’s work or actions of their staff please find out more here.

3. STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain any planning permission and or approval of the said work under and regulations or by-laws of any local or other statutory authority. In addition, the Contractor cannot be held liable for failure in roof systems due to poor structural design, or inherent faults in the building, or its services, or abnormal atmospheric conditions, unless these are brought to the Contractors attention, in writing, before commencement of the contract.

4. TECHNICAL INFORMATION The technical information quoted for the material supplied is based on the information generally available and is distributed by the manufacturers of the products named and the Contractor cannot warrant the accuracy of the said information.

5. UNLOADING & STORAGE The customer shall be responsible for the receipt, unloading and safe-keeping of materials and equipment prior to the commencement of the work and shall, when requested, provide suitable protective storage for the valuable or perishable items. In addition, the Customer and the Contractor shall take all the reasonable precautions to endure against theft, of, or damage to, plant and materials during any periods of the Contractor’s absence from the site works.

6. WORKING HOURS All work to be carried out during normal working hours with unrestricted access to site for continuity of the work in proper sequence and in an economical manner from commencement to final completion.

(a) Although every effort will be made to supply materials of the type specified and a high standard of workmanship, the Contractor shall not be held responsible for consequential damage however arising in connection with execution of the contract work, in particular due to the nature thereof it is impossible to guarantee that the Customer’s premises will at all times be kept wind and watertight, although any period which the Customer’s property is exposed to the elements shall be kept the shortest possible.
(b) Consequential damage shall include damage caused to the roads or driveways forming part of the Customer’s premises or any third parties premises and damage to any goods, vehicles, stock or any other articles whatsoever belonging to the Customer or any other third party which are situated on the Customer’s premises or any neighbouring or adjoining premises, whether such damage is caused by carriage or storing of materials or vibrations of ingress of water or falling materials or in any other way whatsoever.
(c) As and when requested it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the removal of all vehicles, goods stock or articles away from the area in which the Contractor is carrying out the contract work and to take all necessary steps to protect same and the Contractor shall not be held responsible for the failure of the customer to do so.

8. DELAYS The Contractor shall not be held responsible for delays caused by any strike, lock-out, fire or flood or by inclement weather, or be default of suppliers in late or incorrect delivery of materials etc. or by any other circumstances beyond the Contractors control: or for any loss as the result thereof.

9. MATERIALS All materials brought onto the site to be fixed by us are to remain our property until we receive payment in full for the same.

10. RE-USE OF MATERIALS Where existing materials are for any reason required to be temporarily removed and set aside for re-use, every reasonable care will be taken during the course of the work but the Contractor shall not be held responsible for any breakages which will be replaced and charged as an addition to the final account.

11. STORM DAMAGE Although every reasonable care will be taken during inclement weather to prevent damage by rainwater, wind, etc. the Contractor shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly thereby.

12. VARIATIONS & EXTRAS: The Contractor reserves the right to vary the specification set out to overleaf by substitutions of more suitable methods and/or materials (whether or not a similar nature) to not less than the quoted contract value should it become apparent during execution of the work that such alteration would be expedient and in the interest of the Customer. When additional work not covered by this quotation is required to be carried out a further quotation will be submitted for acceptance by the Customer before any such work is commenced.

13: INSURANCE The Contractor and the Customer shall keep in force policies of insurance of adequate amounts against their respective liabilities under statutes for the time being in force in respect of injuries to persons and at Common Law in respect to persons or property arising out of and in the courts of execution of the Contractor and/or rising out of an in the course of the employment of any workmen employed by either of them.

14. GUARANTEES – our 10 year guarantee only applies to new installations, we are unable to offer a guarantee on roof repairs of any type.

Please note your flat roof insurance and guarantee is invalidated if, after our installation, you walk on the roof or allow other contractors access to the roof to put-up scaffolding, put up ladders for window cleaning or use it as a general working area as this can damage the roof.

15. CANCELLATION Cancellation of all or part of the orders already accepted by the Contractor will be accepted only at the Contractor’s discretion, and the Contractor may charge for all the work carried out or expenses incurred in relation to the order before acceptance of the cancellation.

16. All contracts are subject the laws of England.